Compiling New South Florida Business Leads Since 1989!

Mason Levy, founder of Welcome Enterprises, Inc., has been compiling new South Florida business leads since 1989. Twenty-five years ago, while working as the Membership Director for the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Mason was scouring the city's weekly dot-matrix printout of every registered business and occupational licenses in the city for new business leads.

Over time, our business lead lists expanded to include daily new business leads from state, county, and local offices. Traveling around South Florida to multiple government offices every day, our team gathers new business records and manually compiles the listings, up to 125-150 per day, into easy to read and use spreadsheet and PDFs every day.

As more and more business owners requested access to our New Business Lists, the incredible value of the work was realized. Now Welcome Enterprises has one clear goal – providing business owners with easy, affordable access to the freshest, daily leads on new South Florida businesses.

The Freshest New Business Leads Daily – GUARANTEED!

city-hall-west-palmToday, by subscribing to Welcome Enterprises’ daily leads lists, business owners can gain comprehensive access to new business leads from all South Florida towns and cities in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Subscribers to all three county lists have access to over twenty-five hundred leads per month, ensuring their businesses are front and center in offering goods and services to new, local businesses. Access to aged listings is also available upon request.

Start growing your business today. Subscribe to the freshest daily leads, and ensure your business will be there to welcome others to the local South Florida community!